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“Excellent service, communication skills. He heard our questions and answered completely. No wasted time.”


“Extremely polite and knowledgeable. He communicated well and did what he said. For example, he would call and let me know when he would arrive. He arrived at that time. Thank you for all you did!”


“The Technician was great. He was friendly and professional.”


“I completely love SCCS and all of the staff! I have never had a negative interaction with anyone there. You are all wonderful in my eyes. I would highly recommend SCCS.”


“Even though we were not able to reproduce the printer issue, our technician made the most of the service call and cleaned and replaced items as well as took the time to educate myself and staff on maintenance automation that we could perform.”


“We just wanted to follow up and say thank you for the excellent service you provide. Your technician responded quickly, went above and beyond training us on useful tips with our copier and made sure our issue was resolved.”


“Our technician not only fixed our machine, but showed us how we can fix it again, if it ever happens in the future. He called to let me know when he would arrive, and arrived when he said. He was friendly and knowledgeable.”


“Our SCCS tech is always great.”


“Our technician took time to teach me a few things about general maintenance of the system which was much appreciated as I am new to the company.”


“SCCS always goes above and beyond when responding to service calls.”


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