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Document Management

Take your documents digital

South Coast Copy Systems has a suite of comprehensive solutions to move from paper into the digital document world.


Remove the Clutter

The average office is drowning in paper

Through our strategy of integrated solutions, electronic document management, and content management, SCCS combines excellent software with the expertise to seamlessly integrate them into your existing business critical applications.

19paper copies are made of each original document

$20per document in labor is spent filing or retriving

7.5%of paper documents are lost completely

$120Average cost to recover a lost or misfiled document

Document Scanning and Management

In conjunction with our full line of Canon office machines and software, your office can quickly, efficiently, and thoroughly digitize all of your documents for easy organization, search, and retrieval.


Data Security and Compliance

Our process automation and tools will help you to ensure compliance with HIPAA, FERPA, SOX, IRS, Graham-Leach-Bliley, e-discovery, and other document storage regulations.


Leaving paper behind reduces costs and increases efficiency

Working with SCCS will help your organization lower costs and increase organizational efficiency.

Eliminate Lost Documents

Your documents will always be available for quick retrieval and backed up.

Increased Productivity

Cut down on your office's time spent handling paper and focus on getting the work done.

Streamline Data Input

Greatly reduce or eliminate need for manual data entry into software from hard-copy forms

Free Up Space

By going digital, you can free up physical space dedicated to document storage

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