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Focus on your business, not your network

Fast, reliable, and secure networks are critical for every business to function. You can trust SCCS to keep you online, safe, and focusing on business, not on your network.

I thought I could manage my own network, but I was drowning just trying to keep up with configuration, devices, and updates. SCCS came in and blew me away and took care of everything. Now everything is faster and more reliable than ever.

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Peace of Mind

Let us take care of your network so you can take care of business

Business big and small all over Southern California are turning to South Coast Copy System's managed network services to improve performance, increase productivity, and reduce costs.

$20BGlobal Cost of ransomware in 2021. Estimated to rise to $131B in 2031.

37%Of all businesses and organizations affected by ransomware.

$1.8MAverage cost to recover from ransomware.

80+Clients trust us already to manage their network.

Lowering Costs, Increasing Efficiency

Time is money and enlisting South Coast Copy Systems to manage your network will save you time and money, and allow you to focus on growing your business with the peace of mind your network will grow with you.


We Cover Everything

You can trust SCCS to keep you online, safe, and focusing on business, not on your network.

Technology Assessment

Our comprehensive technology assessment will ensure we design and manage a network fit for you.

Nework Build and Management

We are with you every step of the way. From design, build out, to monitoring and maintenance.

Close to You

We monitor, manage, and respond to your needs directly from our local network operations center.

Fast Response

We guarantee prompt and thorough response to all of your technology needs, on and off site.

Comprehensive Security

Your business counts on a secure network that fends off network intrusions to ransomware attacks.

Device Management

We can make hardware and software recommendations and maintain all of your devices.

Remote Access

With a more mobile and distributed workforce, your network needs easy and secure access from anywhere.

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